• Custom Rim Decals

Custom Rim Decals

By |February 20, 2023|

Whether you're a wheel builder, buying our carbon rims to build great wheels for your customers, or you're just a cycling enthusiast, shopping our carbon fiber rims and wheelset [...]

  • What is 700C Wheel Size

What is 700C Wheel Size?

By |December 5, 2022|

The 700C is now the world's major wheel size standard for road bikes. You may want to know what is 700C wheel size? 700C means that the maximum outside diameter of the [...]

  • Types of Road Bike Wheels

Types of Road Bike Wheels

By |November 11, 2022|

Nowadays, road bikes are used more and more widely. Correspondingly, there are various types of road bike wheels. Generally, we divide them into climbing wheels, gravel/cyclocross wheels and aero wheels. When we are clear [...]

  • types of bike brakes

6 Types of Bike Brakes

By |October 22, 2022|

The brake is quite important in our riding and it has evolved through the years. In the pursuit of maximum braking performance, various types of bike brakes have appeared. Today we introduce you the types of bike brakes on [...]

  • bike show near me

Bike Show Near Me 2022 & 2023

By |September 18, 2022|

Whether you are involved in the bicycle industry to sell bicycles, wheels and components or you are a cycling enthusiast, it's necessary to keep an eye on some of the excellent bike shows. [...]

  • are carbon wheels worth it

Are Carbon Wheels Worth It?

By |May 5, 2022|

After the carbon wheels shined in the Tour de France, the aluminium wheels slowly faded from the professional cycling races. With the development of technology, the choice of carbon [...]

  • carbon rim test

Carbon Rim Test

By |December 19, 2021|

When we design and manufacture carbon fiber rims and wheelset, we conduct a series of rigorous carbon rim test based on the EN and UCI standard. We only bring the [...]

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