What is 700C Wheel Size 27.5 inches

The 700C is now the world’s major wheel size standard for road bikes.

You may want to know what is 700C wheel size? 700C means that the maximum outside diameter of the wheelset is 700mm, which is about 700÷25.4 = 27.5 inches. But unfortunately, it is not that simple.

What is 700C Wheel Size?

What is 700C Wheel Size

Most road bikes on the market today come with standard 700C wheels.

700C is the diameter specification of the bicycle wheel. It refers to installing tire on the rim and after inflating, the outer diameter of the tire is about 700mm. The actual outer diameter of the tire may vary depending on factors such as the rim and tire width.

At first the 700C wheel was fitted with a 35C tire. The total diameter of the wheel including outer tire was about 700mm (27.5 inches) , but later the outer tire became thinner and thinner, so now the 700C total diameter of the rim plus outer tire is less than 700mm. Take 23C as an example, it is only 668mm.

What is 700C Wheel Size 622mm

A better representation of 700C is 622mm. ISO (International Organization for Standardization) developed a universal tire sizing system to eliminate various confusions. 622mm refers to the diameter of the rim, which means that all tires marked with 700C can be mounted on a 622mm diameter rim.

What is C?

What is 700C Wheel Size C refers to width of tire

C comes from the French system for bicycle wheels sizing, which refers to the width of the tire. In addition, there are also A, B, D. The tire is from narrow to wide based on A-D. 700A tire is the narrowest, and 700D tire is the widest.

Too many subdivided specs is not a good thing for riders and tire/rim manufacturers. Therefore, the tire and rim manufacturers made an agreement that 700C was identified as the best standard for road bike wheels and stopped producing 700A, 700B, and 700D rims and tires. Then the 700C wheelset on road bikes is still used today.

The 700C wheel is characterized by large diameter, light weight, and high rolling efficiency, which is suitable for high-speed bikes, so it is a common wheelset of road bikes, track bikes and fixed gear bikes.

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