The wheelset of bike is mainly composed of rims, hubs, spokes and nipples. And the style and lacing patterns of the spokes can improve the recognition of the wheels to a certain extent.

36 Spoke Wheel Lacing Patterns

There are many lacing patterns of spokes. Taking the 36 holes rim and hub as an example, the 36 spoke wheel lacing patterns mainly have radial lacing pattern, 1 cross lacing pattern, 2 cross lacing pattern, 3 cross lacing pattern and 4 cross lacing pattern. They can also be combined to form a unique spoke pattern.

Before we get into the details of what is radial lacing pattern, 1 cross lacing pattern, 2 cross lacing pattern, 3 cross lacing pattern and 4 cross lacing pattern, let’s look at what is cross?

Cross refers to the number of a spoke crossing other spokes from the same flange before it is connected from the hub to the rim spoke hole.

We use the drawings to explain the spoke patterns. The view is from one side of the wheelset, so it is shown with 18 spokes in front of us. The other side is not visible, but it is symmetrical.

Radial Lacing Pattern

Radial Lacing Pattern

Radial lacing pattern is that the spokes are directly connected from the hub holes directly to the corresponding rim spoke holes, and all the spokes are completely uncrossed.

As shown in the figure, a large circle represents the rim, a small circle represents the hub, and both circles have been made 18 equal parts. We can see that the holes on this side are correspondingly connected one by one.

1 Cross Lacing Pattern

1 Cross Lacing Pattern

What does 1 cross lacing pattern mean? As shown in the figure, we number the RED spoke to 1 and the YELLOW is 2.

Compared with radial lacing pattern, we moved the No. 1 spoke one hole position in clockwise direction on the rim, and all the red spokes behind are moved a hole in clockwise direction too, while all the yellow spokes are shifted a hole position in counterclockwise direction.

We found that any red spoke crossed the yellow spoke just once, so it is called 1 cross lacing pattern.

2 Cross Lacing Pattern

2 Cross Lacing Pattern

With instructions of 1 cross lacing pattern, 2 cross lacing pattern is easy to understand.

Move the RED No. 1 spoke two holes position clockwise, and all the red spokes behind are shifted in order, which all the yellow spokes are moved two holes position in counterclockwise direction to create the above effect.

We can see any red spoke crossed yellow spoke twice, this is called 2 cross lacing pattern.

3 Cross Lacing Pattern

3 Cross Lacing Pattern

3 cross lacing pattern is a spoke pattern made by moving every spoke three holes position. In this way, any red spoke will cross yellow spoke three times, which is called 3 cross lacing pattern.

4 Cross Lacing Pattern

4 Cross Lacing Pattern

At the moment, you must know that 4 cross lacing pattern is a spoke pattern with four holes position moved. From the figure, we can see that any one of the red spokes will cross the yellow spokes four times, which is called 4 cross lacing pattern.

Dimension of Hub

To determine what spoke pattern is to be used in a wheelset, the following factors are generally considered: the wheel diameter, the depth of the rim, the number of spokes holes, the flange size of the hubs, the dimensions of the driving side and the non-driving side, and the values of hubs’ WL and WR.

Final Thoughts

The more the spokes extend toward the tangent direction of the flange, the better the rotational stiffness of the wheels, and the more the spokes extend perpendicular to the flange, the better the lateral stiffness of the wheels.

Understanding the spoke patterns is helpful to better customize the wheels to meet your different needs.

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