24 inch or 20 inch BMX rims

with Budget Price

Looking to offer 24 inch or 20 inch BMX rims to your customers with budget price?

You came the right place. We are mainly focusing on 24 inch and 20 inch BMX rims fitting different size tires.

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Why Buy 24 inch or 20 inch BMX Rims From Us

100% Customized

All of our carbon wheelset & rims are customized and handcrafted to meet your unique needs.

Lowest MOQ

1 pcs with custom logo and decals is acceptable, whether it is for personal use or for sale.

Long Warranty

We conduct rigorous carbon rim tests based on the EN and UCI standard, and offer 24-month warranty.

Skilled Workers
Skilled Workers

Wheel builders have at least 10 years of experience. Combining quality craftsmanship with advanced equipment, we create carbon bike wheelset & rims in superb handcrafted quality.

Cost-effective Price

Factory direct price, one-stop solutions with cost-effectiveness for your wheels & rims. Save your money and happy your riding with budget cost.

100+ Happy Clients
100+ Happy Clients

More than 100 clients are enjoying their passion, joy and relaxation of cycling with our products. Stop wasting your time and money on lousy carbon wheels & rims supplier.

Full Support Service
Full Support Service

Any request will be responded within 12 hours. Let you enjoy the whole process from consultation to final delivery. We could take charge of all works, including shipping, customs and delivery, etc.

24 inch or 20 inch BMX Rims – Quality Control

Material Preparation
01Material Preparation

Prepare high-quality prepreg carbon fiber and air bladders. All the materials are rigorously inspected to ensure that there are no anomalies. Then carefully weigh them to strictly control the weight within the allowable range.


After the prepreg is cut to the desired length, shape & angle, our experienced workers will lay the carbon fiber into the well designed mold. All layups are handcrafted by skilled workers to achieve the required accuracy.


Use the latest machine to get stable temperature & pressure throughout the heating, curing and cooling process for consistently high-quality rims. When the rim is removed from the mold, we will carefully inspect the rim again to ensure excellent scratch resistance & finish.

CNC Drilling
04CNC Drilling

Use precision CNC machines to control the accuracy of the position and angle of each spoke hole. After drilling, we will check the rim carefully to make sure the spoke holes are properly positioned and the rim surface is still intact.


This is part of our quality control. We will remove any resin residue from the curing process and burrs around the spokes holes to ensure the rim details are perfect.


Our experienced workers apply a special treatment on the rim surface to cover and protect the rim with paint. We carefully inspect the rim to ensure painting surface uniformity and flatness.

Final QC
07Final QC

After the rim is finally completed, we will conduct a final and through inspection of the rim from appearance to performance to ensure that it meets standards for weight, finish, roundness, flatness, spoke hole position & angle, strength and inflation test.

Wheels Building
08Wheels Building

All wheels are calibrated by experienced workers, and each wheel is stress-relieved at least 4 to 5 times. Our wheel builders have at least 10 years experience. Combining quality craftsmanship with advanced equipment, we create carbon wheels in superb handcrafted quality.


The wheels or rims are packed with pearl cotton firstly, then secured in a 5-layer outer box to absorb the possible impact and avoid damage during shipping.


The wheels and rims are mainly transported via EMS, DHL, FedEx, UPS and TNT. After your order is shipped, we will send you the tracking information by email.

Our Happy Clients From 25+ Countries

Jeff was very responsive with my custom order. The wheels are great to upgrade my 6 year old bike. Came within a month. Even though it took awhile but it was worth the wait.
Anders Juul, From Denmark

Their customer service was very good … had several questions prior to purchase and James was very quick to answer my questions. Even though coming out of China, received the product in a pretty quick manner. Packaging was great … no issues with that at all. I have put about 500 miles on the wheels and so far very happy with this purchase and would recommend.

Bill Mirbach, From USA

I ordered the 25mm rims. I have a few hundred miles on them so far and they are doing great. I am really happy with the purchase. If you don’t have a lot of money to spend on brand names, these rims are a good alternative that won’t disappoint!

Clifford Bonin, From Canada

Amazing wheels for the price. They are well constructed, and look great. Already put 200 miles on them and no issues. Would recommend them to friends of mine.

Rene Roekendt, From Germany
Great value and Ruth has excellent customer service. Lightweight and very noticeable speed improvement at once on first use. Will not hesitate to recommend or buy again.
Dave Miller, From Australia
Thanks so much. Rims are awesome can’t wait to have them built up. Keep my order on file for when I order some more. I’m definitely happy with the matt finish of the ones I ordered. Chat soon.
Danny Taugge, From Australia

I was hesitant to purchase off-brand Wheels. I ride on average 3-4000 miles per year and I’m very hard on my equipment. After having 2 cracked carbon rims (from high end wheel makers) I decided to try something new. My first test with their wheels was 125 miles. The braking surface worked excellent, bearings and hubs are just as good as my high end wheels. I have only had them for a week and logged 400- 500 miles, so far so good.

Robert Miles, From USA

Thank you so much for your great service my new gravel wheels arrived this morning and I am very very happy it looks great, maybe a little while until I get it built as I need to get some parts.
Again thanks!

Bruce Hoskings, From Australia

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Custom 24 inch or 20 inch BMX Rims Can be Easy

Follow the below 4 steps to start instantly!

Step 1: Tell Us Your Needs

Tell us your preferred specs such as rim’s width, depth, holes, brake, hub, cassette body, spokes, as details as possible.

Step 2: Mock Up for Your Decals (optional)

If you want to customize your private labels on the carbon rims, we will make a mock up with your decals for your evaluation.

Step 3: Get A Quote

The exact quotation will be offered according to your requirements within 12 hours.

Step 4: Wait the Delivery

We will arrange your order after getting your approval and payment, and then handle the shipping or customs. You just wait the delivery at home.