How to Stand Up A Bike without A Kickstand

If you are the beginner riders, you will find that the carbon bikes you buy generally do not come with the kickstand, and the cyclists riding together will not install kickstand on their bikes. Why is this? How to stand up a bike without a kickstand? After reading this article, you will understand the truth.

Why Do Bikes Not Have Kickstands?

  • Damage the Frame
Damage the Frame

Many quality bicycles do not consider the installation of kickstand when they leave the factory, and naturally there are no dedicated screw holes for installing kickstand.

You can choose to mount a kickstand on the chain stay. For different bikes, their chain stays could be round, oval or square.

Since the clamping force is large, it is easy to cause the deforming on the chain stay when mounting the kickstand tightly. And the frame is under continuously force during the use of the kickstand, which will cause wear and tear of the paint. If you are using the carbon fiber frame, there is a risk of cracking the chain stay.

  • Increase the Weight

In order to reduce the weight of the bike, many riders have cut the seat tube shorter, upgraded to the carbon wheelset and carbon fiber frame, or changed regular screws into titanium screws, etc. , which is only to reduce the weight of 200 to 300 grams.

When mounting a kickstand, the weight which is reduced will finally come back. The bicycle requires power to move forward. The heavier the bike, the greater power the rider need to provide. Attaching a kickstand will definitely waste our power.

  • Dangerous
Dangerous in Crash

The kickstand is easy to shake and loosen in the bumpy ride, and if an emergency rear-end collision occurs while riding in a team, the kickstand of the front bike can easily insert into the front wheel of the rear bike, which will cause more serious damage. The protruding kickstand is also easy to hook branches and other things during the cycling and cause danger.

If a crash occurs during the race, the consequences of hitting the kickstands in the confusion can not be imagined. In many competitions, their regulations have clearly stated that the participating bicycles must remove the kickstand and other devices that affect the safety of the competition.

How to Stand Up A Bike without A Kickstand?

  • Using a Bike Stand
Using a Bike Stand

The bike stand is also called bike rack. You can place a bike stand at home for parking your bicycle, which is safe and secure.

  • Leaning Against the Wall or Tree
Leaning against the wall or tree

It is one of the common parking methods for cyclists to lean against the wall or tree when riding. When we stop for supplies, we can find a wall or tree, lean the handlebar and saddle against the wall or tree slightly.

  • Let the Pedal Lean On the Kerb
Let the pedal lean on the kerb

We also could lean the bike against the kerb or steps beside the road. Turn the pedal and gently lock it on the steps, then the bike can be stood up.

  • Laying Bike Down On the Ground
Laying bike down on the ground

The above three methods are suitable for the case of small wind. If you’re worried that your bike will be blown down by heavy wind, you can directly put the non-drive side gently on the ground. Please note that don’t lay the drive side to the ground since it is easy to damage the rear derailleur.

  • Hanging the Bike On the Wall
Hanging the bike on the wall

You can also hang your bike on the wall when you park it at home, reducing the two wheels to touch the ground and protecting your tires.

The above methods can stand up a bike without the kickstand. What else methods do you have to park a bike without a kickstand? Your comments are welcomed.

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