Quality Control

BESTWheelset combines exquisite craftsmanship with responsible manufacturing practice to bring you carbon bike wheelset & rims in excellent handcrafted quality.

QC in Manufacturing of Carbon Wheelset & Rims

Carbon Fiber Rim Material Preparation 01

Material Preparation

Based on the 3D structure of the rim, after calculating the required carbon fiber and the shape of laying up carbon fiber required, we prepare high-quality pre-preg carbon fiber (pre-preg carbon fiber is raw carbon fiber impregnated with an epoxy resin.) and air bladders. All the materials are rigorously inspected to ensure that there are no anomalies. Then carefully weigh them to strictly control the weight within the allowable range.

Carbon Fiber Rim Layup 02


After the prepreg is cut to the desired length, shape & angle, our experienced workers will lay the carbon fiber into the well designed mold. All layups are handcrafted by skilled workers to achieve the required accuracy.

Carbon Fiber Rim Molding 03


The control of temperature, pressure and time is very important in the curing process of carbon fiber rims. We use the latest generation of machinery to achieve stable temperature and pressure throughout the heating, curing and cooling process for consistently high-quality rims. When the rim is removed from the mold, we will carefully inspect the rim again to ensure excellent scratch resistance and finish.

Carbon Fiber Rim CNC Drilling 04

CNC Drilling

We use precision CNC machines to control the accuracy of the position & angle of each spoke hole. After drilling, we will check the rim carefully to make sure the spoke holes are properly positioned and the rim surface is still intact.

Carbon Fiber Rim Sanding 05


This is part of our quality control. We will remove any resin residue from the curing process and burrs around the spokes holes to ensure the rim details are perfect.

Carbon Fiber Rim Painting 06


After the custom decals are done, we will paint the rims. Our experienced workers apply a special treatment on the rim surface to cover and protect the rim with paint. We carefully inspect the rim to ensure painting surface uniformity and flatness. Both glossy and matte fnishes are possible.

Carbon Fiber Rim Final QC 07

Final QC

We carry out corresponding quality checking on the rim in each manufacturing stage. In addition to this, after the rim is finally completed, we will conduct a final and through inspection of the rim from appearance to performance to ensure that it meets standards for weight, finish, roundness, flatness, spoke hole position & angle, strength and inflation test.

Carbon Bike Wheelset Building 08

Wheelset Building

All wheels are hand-crafted and calibrated by experienced workers, and each wheel is stress-relieved at least 4 to 5 times. Our carbon bike wheel builders have at least 10 years of experience. Combining exquisite craftsmanship with advanced equipment, they create carbon bike wheelset in superb handcrafted quality.

Carbon Bike Rim Packing 1 09


The wheelset/rims are packed with pearl cotton firstly, then secured in a 5-layer outer box to absorb the possible impact and avoid damage during shipping.

Carbon Bike Rim Shipping 1 10


We mainly transport the wheelset/rim via EMS, DHL, FedEx, UPS and TNT. After your order is shipped, we will send you the relevant tracking information by email.

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