Wheel Builder or Cycling Enthusiasts

Whether you’re a wheel builder, buying our carbon rims to build great wheels for your customers, or you’re just a cycling enthusiast, shopping our carbon fiber rims and wheelset to upgrade your own bicycle, you are welcome to consult us for the custom rim decals services.

In this article, I will discuss custom rim decals with you from the following three aspects.

1. Why Custom Rim Decals?

Why Custom Rim Decals

Let you stand out in the cycling team: With custom rim stickers, it will make your wheels or bicycle unique and cool, and distinguish you from other cyclists.

Invite new customers to get to know you: Draw the interest and curiosity of potential customers prompting them to take a look at least, and possibly buy your products.

Facilitate brand loyalty: Strengthen the impression of customers, and be helpful to build and promote brand loyalty.

2. What Kind of Rim Decals Can I Customize?

There are many designs and styles for the decal. We offer the following main custom rim decals for you to choose from. If you have unique requirements for the custom rim decals, please contact us for more details.

Regular Decal

Regular Decal: also known as the matte decal, the surface of the decal is not shiny.

Glossy Decal

Glossy Decal: the surface of the decal is smooth and shiny.

Please note that the colors of the regular and glossy decals are not limited to black and white. Most Pantone colors are available, and two or more colors are possible for your custom rim decals. You’re welcome to view the Pantone Color Reference, and choose your preferred color.

Holographic Decal

Holographic Decal: It can flash the colors of the rainbow in different angles.

Laser Engraving Graphic

Laser Engraving Graphic: This graphic is not sticked on the rim, but is directly engraved on the surface of the rim by laser. The graphic can be your logo or any other pictures and description you would like to show.

3. How Much Does It Cost for Custom Rim Decals?

ItemSingle Color ChargeTwo Colors ChargeQuantity of Rims per Charge
Regular Decal$35$7020 pcs
Glossy Decal$45$9020 pcs
Holographic Decal$190/10 pcs
Laser Engraving Graphic//1 pcs=$30

Regular Decal: About $35 per color, two colors are $70, and so on. We can finish around 20 pcs rims per charge.
Glossy Decal: About $45 per color, two colors are $ 90, and so on. We can print around 20 pcs rims per charge.
Holographic Decal: About $190, We only could finish around 10 pcs rims per charge.
Laser Engraving Graphic: The charge is based on the amount of the rims. One rim charge is about $30.

Please note that the above is only a rough cost and possible rim quantities per charge. The exact cost and rim quantities are finalized according to the size and layout of the decals or graphics.

Would you like to have your custom rim decals? Contact us via hello@bestwheelset.com to talk more details please.

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