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Zipp 454 Type Carbon Fiber Rims 55/60mm Depth Tubeless Disc Brake

  • Material: Toray T700 & T800
  • Size: 700C

  • Intended Use: Road

  • Bead Type: Clincher

  • Tubeless Ready: Yes

  • Weave: UD or 3K

  • Hole: Front 24H, Rear 24H
  • Depth: 55/60mm (Please see the data below)
  • ERD: 519mm
  • Rim Weight: Standard 530+/-15g, Flyweight 510+/-15g
  • Max Cyclist Weight: 130kg/ 287lbs
  • Spoke Tension: 115~130kgf
  • Max Tire Pressure (with 25C): 110psi / 7.58bar
  • Recommended Tire Width: 25C~35C
  • Unit Price: $129~$149/pcs

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Carbon Fiber Rims Specs

carbon fiber rims depth

Carbon Fiber Rims: Standard weight and Flyweight you can choose from

ModelDepthOuter WidthERDRim WeightMax Cyclist WeightSpoke TensionMax Tire PressureRecommended Tire Width
55/60mm31.9mm519mm530+/-15g130kg/ 287lbs115~130kgf110psi / 7.58bar25C~35C
55/60mm31.9mm519mm510+/-15g130kg/ 287lbs115~130kgf110psi / 7.58bar25C~35C

Carbon Fiber Rims Technology

  • Tubeless Compatible Technology: The bead lock design allows for easy switching between clincher and tubeless setup.
  • Smooth Inner Wall: A specific, thinner, high-pressure air bladder is used to control the smoothness of the inner wall, and the inner wall air bladder can be extracted clean at one time without residue, which not only effectively improves the tightness of the carbon fiber yarn, but also makes the spoke cap and the spoke hole more closely combined.
  • Fast Tire Installation: Tire installation and removal is easy for BESTWheelset rims.
  • Aero Technology: The rim profile is specifically designed with aero gain and drag reduction in mind.
  • Customized Spoke Hole Angle: All spoke hole angles are tailored to the geometry of the hub.
carbon fiber rims technology 1
  • Undulating Rim: Top aerodynamics and crosswind stability performance with undulating 55/60mm rim depth.

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QC at every step of carbon wheelset & rims production.



24-month warranty for carbon wheelset and rims


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