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Upgrading our bicycle with carbon fiber wheels, carbon frameset, or lightweight components can indeed make us ride faster, but the cost of cycling is also rising. What you may be more interested in is, how to ride faster on a bike for free?

In fact, the tips are very simple: lower your riding position, regularly clean the components, appropriately lower the handlebar, check your bike carefully before you ride, and maintain proper tire pressure. Mastering these 5 tips can help us ride faster without spending money or spending little money.

Lower Your Riding Position

Wind resistance is the big enemies of cycling. The windward side of the body creates more resistance than a bicycle.

Bending your elbows at 90 degrees to lower the windward surface of your upper body can effectively reduce air resistance by about 10 to 12%. In this way, it can save about 25 watts of power at speeds of 35 km/h.

Therefore, using a more aerodynamic posture is an effective way to reduce resistance and allow us to ride faster.

ride faster Lower Your Riding Position

Regularly Clean The Components

ride faster Regularly Clean The Components

Research shows that a chain covered with mud will waste 3-5 watts of power. In addition to loss of power, the chain that is not cleaned and lubricated for a long time will also cause additional wear, resulting in low transmission efficiency.

Regularly clean and lube your bike chain, and the smoothness of it can bring faster speed.

Keeping bearing parts such as the bottom bracket and hubs clean and lubricated can achieve same benefits, and it can also get rid of annoying abnormal noises.

Appropriately Lower The Handlebar

ride faster Appropriately Lower The Handlebar

Lowering the height of the handlebar will make our body lower and be more aerodynamic. With the same power output, the lower the position, the less the wind resistance and the faster the speed will be.

But lowering the handlebar is not suitable for everyone. The core strength varies from person to person. After professional training and the enhancement of core muscle groups, bike pro riders can realize 0 headset washer to maximize aerodynamic gains.

General riding enthusiasts may not have the core strength of a professional cyclist. If we rashly minimize the handlebar height, it will lead to extreme position, which may cause pain on the neck, wrist or back. Or the lowered posture is difficult for us to maintain the original power output. Then the gain is not worth the loss.

The correct approach is to gradually reduce the headset washer, so that our body has time to adjust and adapt, and step by step to find a suitable height of handlebar. In this process, do not rush to cut the head tube short. If you can’t adapt to the height, you can add washer back.

Check Your Bike Carefully Before You Ride

ride faster Check Your Bike Carefully Before You Ride

When we change speed during cycling, if the gears can’t shift, the front dial isn’t set properly and the chain constantly rubs against the front derailleur, they will both affect our speed.

A smooth gear shifting allows us to adjust the pedals to keep up with or away from our opponents when pulling or attacking.

The adjustment of the disc brake caliper should not be ignored. Every rubbing of the brake caliper is more or less scraping off our speed, while the abnormal noise brought is also very annoying. Adjusting the space between the disc brake pads rightly and straightening the bent disc rotor can avoid or reduce the occurrence of disc brake rubbing.

Maintain Proper Tire Pressure

ride faster Maintain Proper Tire Pressure

If there is a situation that the steering is not flexible, acceleration drag feet, tire is worn fast and the tire is bursting over a small pit, then we must check whether the tire pressure of the bicycle is too low.

The flat tire will not only increase the additional resistance to slow us down, but also speed up the wear and make snake bite phenomenon occurred.

Tire pressure is not the higher the better. Too high tire pressure may be counterproductive. These tires don’t work well to absorb vibration and its bouncing makes poor grip when passing through the bumpy road, which in turn affects the speed and riding experience.

Tire pressure varies from person to person. The heavier the weight, the higher the tire pressure.

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Do you have any other good ideas to make us ride faster? Feel free to leave a comment and share your experience.

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