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Carbon Spoke Wheelset 700C for Road Bike Disc Brake

  • Hub: RC36 or RC26 Hubs

  • Freehub System: Star Ratchet or 6 Pawls
  • Cassette Body: Shimano 11S or Sram XDR

  • Axle Size: Front 12x100mm, Rear 12x142mm

  • Spokes: Carbon Spokes
  • Hole: Front 21H, Rear 21H

  • Rim Material: Toray T700 & T800

  • Bead Type: Clincher, Tubeless Ready

  • Weave: UD or 3K Twill

  • Brake: Disc Brake
  • Spoke Tension: 120~130kgf
  • Max Tire Pressure (with 25C): 120psi / 8.27bar

  • Recommended Tire Width: 23C~35C

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Carbon Spoke Wheelset Rims

Carbon Spoke Wheelset Rims

The rims are manufactured by high-quality Toray T700 & T800 carbon fiber materials. They have excellent stiffness, strength and aerodynamic characteristics, and are compatible with both inner tube tires and tubeless ready tires.

What’s more, we offer 25mm and 28mm width rims with different depth for you to choose from.

Take the RC36C Ceramic Bearings Hubs as an example, calculate the weight of carbon spoke wheelset as below:
Model of RimsWidthDepthHolesWeight of Wheelset (+/-3%)
D7253825mm38mmFront 21H, Rear 21H1243.6g
D7254525mm45mmFront 21H, Rear 21H1303.6g
D7255025mm50mmFront 21H, Rear 21H1363.6g
D7256025mm60mmFront 21H, Rear 21H1533.6g
D7258025mm80mmFront 21H, Rear 21H1783.6g
D7283328mm33mmFront 21H, Rear 21H1263.6g
D7283828mm38mmFront 21H, Rear 21H1283.6g
D7284428mm44mmFront 21H, Rear 21H1323.6g
D7285028mm50mmFront 21H, Rear 21H1383.6g
D7285528mm55mmFront 21H, Rear 21H1423.6g

Carbon Spoke Wheelset Hubs

The hubs of carbon spoke wheelset is specially customized, simple and practical in structure. Their cassette body are also compatible with Shimano 11S or Sram XDR.

And there are two types of freehub systems available: 36T star ratchet and 6 Pawls.

In addition to the steel bearings, the premium ceramic bearings is optional in star ratchet hubs to less more rolling resistance.

Model of HubsBearingsWeightFreehub system
RC36CCeramic Bearings305gStar Ratchet
RC36SSteel Bearings325gStar Ratchet
RC26SSteel Bearings365g6 Pawls
  • Carbon Spoke Wheelset Hubs Star Ratchet
  • Carbon Spoke Wheelset Hubs Star Ratchet 2

RC36 Hubs, Star Ratchet

  • Carbon Spoke Wheelset Hubs 6 Pawls
  • Carbon Spoke Wheelset Hubs 6 Pawls 2

RC26 Hubs, 6 Pawls

Carbon Spokes

Carbon Spokes

Compared with the traditional steel spokes, the carbon spokes are using coating-free process, and have unmatched lightweight, stiffness and strength. At the same time, they also are featured with better fatigue resistant and aerodynamic performance.

Moreover, carbon spokes have higher stiffness-to-weight ratio, which allows you to feel your bike more responsive.

The weight of carbon spoke: 3.3g/pcs.

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Quality Control

QC at every step of carbon wheelset & rims production.



24-month warranty for carbon wheelset and rims


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